Sunday, August 23, 2009

BKK Haul Reviews: Sparkling Base & Mistline Nose-Up Contour Hi-lighter

Here are a couple more items from the last BKK haul from Ms. B. I love what she finds for me and wish we had more interesting items here stateside! They definitely have much more different trends in Asia, but they slowly make their way here, especially when checking out other blogger's sites. I would never have known about BB cream, circle lenses and Japanese decorated nails had it not been for those late night surf sessions. ^_^

Sparkling Base
How many of you out there use a primer base? I don't usually use a primer on a daily basis, but I do prime for special events when my make up has stay perfect. This has the same consistency as Smashbox's primer, but has a light tint to it. I think the name 'Sparkle' must refer to the lightness in color because there are no flecks of sparkle that I see. discoball face.

This is a bit too light to actually use on my face right now. Check out the swatch....yeah, I'm a bit more tan than the product and I will not be ghostface/tan body girl. You know who I'm talking about. Haha! I'll have to revisit this product when the summah tan fades and the true pudaw complexion comes through.

Mistline Nose-Up Contour Hi-lighter
The name is just strange! Nose-Up??? I would imagine this is just a literal translation.

The instructions (per the pics, not the writing) show to apply the highlighter on the bridge of yoru nose and under your eyes.

The brush tip applicator doesn't do great for blending, but it is a nice way to dispense a small amount to work with. Blend with either your finger or a sponge.
The texture and consistency is similar to a light concealer. It does blend easily, but at the present time, once again, I'm too tan to use this prod.

Yeap, too light. Looks like we'll revisit both of these products during the winter!


Blissey168 said...

Oh no... I'm so sorry they turn out way too light on ya -_- But the nose up is for highlighting the nose area... to make the bridge look more prominent and define hehe.

You still need to email me your addy! I want to send you your stuff already! ^_^

Rhondalei G. said...

Haha! My almost non-existent bridge! Damn flat nose! I will definitely revisit these prods Ms. B! Oh, check ur email! I just sent you a message!