Thursday, December 11, 2008

16 Random Facts

I've been tagged!! Tammy of Portrait of A Lady tagged me! Directions: Once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a blog with sixteen random things, facts, habits or goals about you. At the end choose ten people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. Don’t forget to leave them a comment (“you’re it”) and to read your blog. You can’t tag the person who tagged you.

1) I cannot drink water that has been sitting out overnight. I give any bottled water that I have not finished to the BF because I think its contaminated. Yick!

2) Ridiculous obsession with Hello Kitty. I'm choosy about what I buy, but still, do I really need this HK face towel? This HK blanket? Not so much.

3) I have one too many lip products. Its really a tie between eyeshadow and lippies.

4) If I have crap in my teeth after eating and a toothpick won't get it out, I use my hair. GROSS, I know!

5) I constantly crack my toes.

6) I used to not be able to eat raw tomatoes. Now I can't get enough of grape tomatoes!

7) Uggs are my go-to winter shoes. They are the only shoes that keep my feet warm!

8) During the weekdays I either do my make up 1) in the car if I carpool or 2) in my office. My manager came in one time and goes, "What's going on here? Do you not have a home or something?" Hahah! I do my make-up while going through emails so it can be up to an hour long process sometimes.

9) If I have something that breaks and I know its still in stock, I will go buy another one and return the broken one. C'mon now! You know some of you have done this too! I returned a 3 y.o. hair dryer to Target. Haha!

10) I'm a picker. I noted this in another blog as well. I pick at everything and sometimes have scabs that take forever to heal. BAD!

11) I love Crown Royal. I'm a whiskey girl. ;)

12) I am well prepared for the most part. I was a damn Girl Scout! At work, people will usually ask me first if I have something and I usually do have it. You hungry? I have a drawer full of food. You bust your pants at the seam? I have a sewing kit.

13) OCD - I have to lather myself twice in the shower. Haha! Wasteful child.

14) I love doing laundry! The washing and drying part, yes. The folding and putting away, NO! That's the BF's job.

15) I am so proud of my nephew. 2 y.o. and already knowing how to use a computer! He has his own set up downstairs and can go to his favorite sites! Nickelodeon and the Blue Angels site. Such a smarty!

16) My life is really about quantity sometimes. Syopping and buying schtuffff!!! Hahah! That was for Manang My.

I tag -
Look Rich Bitch
and really whoever else reads me! I have a headache and really don't want to think after spewing those facts. Haha!


Blissey168 said...

LOL I crack my toes too! Constantly!

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