Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sephora Friends & Family!

I used it this AM at 12:30! Haha! I couldn't sleep, so why not shop! I ended up just getting the Urban Decay 24/7 Travel Size Set Of 5 in Velvet Rope and Philosophy's Red Velvet Cake Lip Shine Ornament. I may end up getting some other stuff later! :D

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Blissey168 said...

hey! I'm planning to get the same thing too! :)
Oh and you still haven't told me how you like the shading palette you got from CS! If it works well, you gotta let me know kay? And how about Everyday Minerals? Have you received the samples yet? If so, do you like it?

Do you have any request for you next ginormous package?hehe. You gotta let me know kay? I want to make sure you get the stuff you like! As for me, I don't really have anything specific but I have to confess that I've been eyeing the CS e/a palette (the 28 piece Neutral palette) for the longest time...and also waiting to hear from ya about the contour palette as well :p please let me know if that's cool with you and I can match the value of it in my next next shipment! (the next one is already super full haha)

So lemme know what you want and etc kay? :)