Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sephora Purifying Brush Shampoo & Freebie bag and How I clean my brushes using Loew Cornell Brush Cleaning Jar

I picked up some of Sephora's Purifying Brush Shampoo and I love how this shampoo makes my brushes feel! I can really tell the difference that this shampoo conditions the bristles and it really deep cleans versus baby shampoo which I normally use. $14 is a good deal for this big bottle! I use about 6 squirts for my larger face brushes and 2-4 for my eye brushes if I wash each brush separately by hand. I will show you how I use the Loew Cornell Brush Cleaning Jar in conjunction with the Sephora Purifying Brush Shampoo below. I received the free makeup bag because I was a Beauty Insider and received the coupon to redeem at the new Sephora at Westfield Southcenter Mall back in July. That bag is pretty big! I use it to hold my brushes when I have to do my make up on the go. I know a few other beauty bloggers have received this bag, but they also got a gift card with $10! I should have gotten to the opening earlier!

How I clean my brushes -
I saw that Vanessa on http://www.nessasarymakeup.com/ had used this to clean her brushes and I had to get one for myself! For about $5 at Michael’s you can pick up this jar to help clean your brushes! The sponge on the bottom of the jar has hairs that can help scrub your brushes clean! I normally just use my hand to suds up the brush, but this will help save time as well as the cleansing shampoo!

Brushes? Check! Shampoo? Check! Brush cleaning jar? Check, check!

I put about 10-15 pumps of Sephora’s Purifying Brush Shampoo into the jar and mixed with warm water.

You don't need to fill the jar up entirely with water. Just enough to suit the brushes you're cleaning.

Take your brush and swish it around in the solution and along the sponge to remove product from your brushes.

Rinse it clean and then lay it flat or hang upside down to dry overnight. The water can get pretty grimey so for my large brushes that I use for face products, I followed up with a 2nd cleansing by hand to ensure they were clean.

Accckk! Look at the dirty water!

Afterwards, rinse the sponge in the bottom of the jar until clean and rinse the jar well. Allow to air dry before replacing the lid back on.

If the sponge gets worn or grundgy after several uses, you can pick up a replacement pack for $3. Be sure you are cleaning your brushes frequently. They say you should at least once a week and I'm guilty of not cleaning them enough, so in between washings I use Sephora's Daily Brush Cleaner. I got the smaller bottle for $6 at the Sephora in SFO on my way to Cabo. It reminds me of Brush Off cleaner which we used to use at VS Beauty in between clients to clean and disinfect brushes. You can also use make up remover wipes to clean your brushes between too! Remember, cleaning brushes will help prolong their life and also help prevent the spread of bacteria. Dirty brushes and sponges can also cause breakouts. Yuck! Keep 'em clean!


lookrichbitch said...

Ummm.. Why did I think you were cleaning hair brushes at first? D'oh.

Anyway, thanks for the tips. I'm horrible about cleaning brushes. Maybe that's why I always have pink eye. Ew.

Blissey168 said...

I love cleaning brushes... It's my zen haha :) And just like you, when I saw this method of cleaning brushes on nessasarymakeup, I had to get one too. Unfortunately, we don't sell Loew cornell stuff here so I ended up buying a small glass jar and a Brillo-like sponge :p hehe. Works the same... I think! :p

Keep them posts coming! I really enjoy reading them! :)