Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Daiso Hauls!

I love Daiso! $1.50 for most of the items and you can find some of the most interesting and useless beauty items around. I'm all about stuff and for a buck fitty each, why not? LoL! I have 3 separate hauls here. The first one from Alderwood Mall and the other two from The Commons . I haven't been to the one in DT Seattle yet, but I will have to stop by sometime if I'm in the area. Cat tells me that there is a 5 story Daiso in Canada. So there next time we head to the 604.

Haul #1 Organizing box - to be used for organizing my Japanese style decorated nails and supplies, adhesive nail tabs which are super strong!, some simple decorated nails, a double ended lip brush and eye lashes!

When I picked up this brush, I thought it was just single ended.

But I was wrong! It was actually double ended!

There are 2 benefits to this lip brush - #1 you can use one for a light color and the other for a dark color. #2 each end is enclosed and won't get your make up bag dirty! Ms. B - you're gettin one of these honey!

I put on these nails using the tabs I bought and decided to check how well these wear and how strong the adhesive is. I didn't want to file them down on the sides just yet, so they were a little bit big here.

I slept in these overnight. Yes I did! And they stayed on! They don't look too bad either for being fakeys. I can have long nails again without the ravaging effects of acrylics. Plus doing make up with nails is just too difficult. These are just fun to have around when going out.

The eyelashes I picked up, I haven't tried all of them yet. For $1.50 I had to pick up a few different styles to try so it will be awhile until I try all of them. For the ones I have tried, if you cut and apply these correctly, they are great, but one of the drawbacks is that the boning is a pretty hard plastic that is quite noticeable. Unlike some lashes like Ardell’s Invisibands, these can be quite noticeable if you don’t follow up with a liner after you apply them. For the price I paid, they work well and I would definitely purchase this again!

Haul #2 another set of eyelashes, some baggies and eyelash glue.

The baggies I got for organizing little things. I'm a big ziploc fan and have bags within bags, within bags. Crazy I know. My Sissy is the same way and so is our Momma, so now you know where we get it from. :p The eyelash glue I grabbed for those nights out just in case any of my corners lift. It has a nice angled applicator to apply to the corner of your eyes. I would usually use a tootpick, but this method is probably better and safer. I wouldn't use this to apply my lashes. I'm an avid fan of Duo Surgical Adhesive - its the best! $8 from the MAC counter and well worth it. The lashes are a demi fit with criss cross pattern that might be a better fit since I usually end up cutting my lashes to fit.

Haul #3 cotton pads, black cotton swabs, stacking eyeshadow applicators and more nails

2 boxes with 80 pads each for only $1.50! I am paying almost $3 for Swisspers. I wanted to see if these would be good, inexpensive replacement. My rant with Swisspers is that the textured side pills when you're removing nail polish or applying toner.

The Clean Puffs are not as thick as Swisspers, but they are really soft. I tested these out while applying toner and I was happy to find out that they don't pill at all! What a good bargain!
There were some other cotton pads that I'm curious to try, but it will be awhile until I actually purchase any again.

Yes, I bought black cotton swabs! Haha! I won't show you any pics of me cleaning my ears with them. ;) I'm curious as to how dirty my ears really are. Acck. I guess these may be for people with really dirty ears that need reassurance that they got all the nasties out. Ehhh, I won't be needing these, so I may give these to someone who does. LoL!

I have seen a similar applicator like this on Sasa for only $3, but I found this at Daiso for only $1.50 and didn't have to pay shipping!

This is great for applying different colored shadows at a time. Double ended applicators may not be enough when you're working with several colors and plus this makes it mess free when traveling. Ms. B - you're gettin' one of these too! That's it for my spoilers for you. You'll just have to wait and see what else will be in your package. ^_^

And more nails. I liked how these were simple. I think I will put on a few coats of OPI's Princesses Rule to give it more pizzaz. I'm keeping my nails simple and plain for now because I'm in the process of interviewing and don't want to show my hooker nails just yet. LoL!


Blissey168 said...

OMG how exciting!!! We have Daiso here but we don't have any of the things you bought except for the black Q-tip and some nails stuff :) I LOVE the double ended lip brush! How smart is that :)

Blissey168 said...

Hey, just wanted to tell you that I stopped by Daisi yesterday and found those sponge ball curlers you bought online! Sooo if you ever need more, I coils totally get them for you! They come in pairs :)

I bought some too and tried them on last night... Slept with them on and woke up with super curls. Love them!!!

beauTIFFul said...

OMg you would love the Daiso up in Vancouver. It's actually in Richmond and it's 2 stories the layout is much like the Forver21 at Southcenter. I was there every week to get supplies for school when i lived there a couple years back. That double ended lip brush is a steal!

Rhondalei G. said...

Ms. B - I wonder what other weird things are there at the Thailand Daiso? Well there is another stop for our exchanges!

Tiffy - I need to go there now now! I have to convince the BF to head up there soon.

cupcakeclewlow said...

Hey, im in England and i dont know where i can find daiso stuff online, ive been having trouble finding thier online shop, if anyone can post the link that would be great, thanks! :)

*~ JuLiAnnE ~* said...

Hi! I just passed by your website and noticed that you bought and tried the Daiso Lash Glue! Did it work well for applying fake lashes? I'm completely new to falsies and really wanted to try it out...

Rhondalei G. said...

Hi *~ JuLiAnnE ~*! The Daiso Eyelash Glue wasn't good at all. Stick with Duo Surgical Adhesive that you can buy at the MAC counter. Its about $8, but worth it and your lashes will stay put!