Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Review: Anastasia 5-Piece Eyebrow Kit from Ulta

I purchsed the Anastasia 5-Piece Eyebrow Kit from Ulta a few months back and have finally gotten around to using it! I have been using my MAC Browshader for a couple of years now, but wanted to branch out and try the Anastasia line. I believe that a well groomed and filled in brow frames the face and really completes a look. I ALWAYS fill in my brows, even when they are in need of some maintenance. Haha!

What's included? Brow Powder, Brow Gel, Brush Angled Cut/Spooley, Precision Tweezers, 4 Brow Stencils in a zip case and a step-by-step instruction card.

I haven't gotten my eyebrows waxed for awhile. =X But hey, its all in the name of beauty review right?

Yeap, both sides are pretty bushy and I look cross-eyed in this picture. Haha!

First take the brush/spooley to find Point A of your brow - where your brow begins. This is measured from crease of your nostril holding the brush/spooley vertically.

Next find your Point B of your brow. - where your brow ends. Take the brush/spooley at an angle from the end of your nostril out.

Find the best stencil that suits your face as well as where your natural arch would be. To find that point, you can use the brush/spooley at the outer edge of your iris and follow it up. I used the Petite Arch Stencil.

Holding the stencil against your brow, begin to fill in with the powder using the angled brush. I defined my brow heavily with the dark brown powder to ensure there was a definite stencil on my brow. This made it easy to see the stray hairs to pluck.

I touched up the filling in with more powder, especially in the arch.

This is how it should look like after.

Start tweezing! Even though I started tweezing years ago, I've been waxing the past few years and this HURT! Haha! I used to ice up the area before tweezing, but I sucked it up.

Cleaned up! I had to stop finding hairs because I can be a tweezerholic. I had painfully thin brows my Junior year at UW and NEVER again. I like mine cleaned up, but not too thin. Thin brows on an oval face like mine can make it look even more round. No thanks!

I trim my brows a bit on the top because they get pretty long. The kit doesn't include scissors, but Anastasia does offer for $22.50. Yipes! These scissors were actually out of the Revlon brow kit I picked up at Big Lots & they work just fine!

Fill in your brows with more powder if necessary. Then take the Brow Gel and use quick, short strokes to set your brow.

Tada! Yay! Groomed brows. They look a lil off here, but thats because my left eyelid hangs a bit further down than my right eyelid. The wonders of make up and how you can even things out! Haha! One tip I learned from a MAC MUA is that your eyebrows should be sisters and not twins. Compliment your eyebrows to match your eyeshape and don't stress about making them match to each other.

You can pick up similar kits or individual Anastasia products at Ulta, Sephora, Nordstrom or via the Anastasia Website.

I'm glad I picked up this kit and I plan on using the brow powder often. This kit really pays for itself if I use this in between regular waxings. I hope to try out threading in the next few months. I didn't have time to try it this time around because I have a special appointment tomorrow that I wanted to groom my eyebrows for. More on that later!


Blissey168 said...

I wanna go home right now and groom my brows haha :p mine are thin and unruly...yikes!

Rhondalei G. said...

Ms. B - Its ok, I forgive you. You can see my bad brows in my EOTDs. Haha! I'm going to try threading next!