Wednesday, September 24, 2008

For my LRB

I was tagged by my LRB!

4 things I did today:

  • Got eyelash extensions done at Lady Lam
  • Watched the movie The Women with my day date Cat
  • Did NOT do hw
  • Got some retail therapy in at S. Center

4 things on my to do list:

  • HW, HW, HW - wth is wrong with me and why can't I find my motivation?
  • Send off Ms. B's package - time for our monthly swap of beauty goodies from Thailand-Seattle and vice versa.
  • Follow up on more leads - I need a job!
  • Get some gym time in - I'm paying for a membership I don't use. :X

4 of my guiltiest pleasures:

  • Too much retail therapy. Whether its clothes or cleaning supplies, I have a problem.
  • Reality TV and trashy shows - The Hills, Gossip Girl, Sunset Tan. Tacky but entertaining!
  • Surfing way too much. The reason that #1 on my to do list never gets done. :(
  • Spoiling myself even when I don't deserve it, but I can always justify it!

4 random facts about me:

  • I have routines for most of the things I do. If I'm out of routine, it feels wrong. For example, I have a certain way that I shower and if I miss any of those steps, I feel dirty.
  • I am one ball of gas. I don't need to explain that one.
  • I have a death grip pinch with my toes
  • I like savory things for breakfast and sweet things for dinner. Breakfast for dinner is my fave! Sausage dunked in maple syrup.

I tag these 4:

Poo...I don't have many blogger friends, but anyone who's up for it! :)


Blissey168 said...

OMG I have the same problem with the cleaning supplies too!!! Haha. And ditto on the routine thing :)

Tammy said... hubby loves breakfast for dinner..he calls it

Tammy said...

Your profile says you have a BA and a Masters..what are you going to school for now? I noticed hw on your to due list

Rhondalei G. said...

Hey Ms. B! - Your package should be out this weekend...hopefully. Haha! If not, on Monday. Miss you! OMG...can I tell you that I love Chlorox wipes. Ridiculous.

Tammy - so I'm almost done with the completion of my Master's. I graduated, but technically have a few credits to finish up. motivation and some serious senioritis! Oooo...I'm about to start calling breakfast for dinner Brinner. Brilliant!