Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Eyelash Extensions with Lady Lam

I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Christine Lam, the owner of Lady Lam and having eyelash extensions applied. She specializes in waxing, lashes and skincare, working out of her cozy studio in Renton, WA. She is literally down the street from the bf's house & it only took me 5 minutes to get there! She is situated in the Creative Workspace Building that houses several other business owners and entrepreneurs in a unique setting. Her studio is painted a serene sky blue, accented with dark hardwood flooring, softly lit with candles and keeps the spa like ambiance going with relaxing music.

She began by looking at my lashes and asking me what type of look I wanted to achieve. I told her that I wanted a little more fullness and length so I would look like I had on mascara. The process was going to take about 2 hours, so I was thankful for the comfortable massage table she has set up for her clients to lay down on. Christine then began to prep my eye by cleaning, then applied a gel eye patch to hold down my lower lashes. The eye patch was cooling and had anti-aging properties. She then applied cold cream on my eyebrows to prevent the tape she was going to apply to my lids from removing any eyebrows! We chatted up for a bit during the preparation, but during the actual application there needs to be minimal talking due to the movement created around your eyes when you talk. We snuck in some some convo here and there. :)

Christine's technique was so light, I barely felt anything was really being done! I managed to fall asleep a few times too. Haha! I got a good nap in! She uses Xtreme Lashes Extensions and adhesive, which is a widely known brand in the beauty industry. For her Lady Lam clients, she chose to use this brand based on the quality of the product. Overall, my experience at Lady Lam was a great one and I plan on returning for a fill in October. I hope to get in a facial sometime and waxing done as well too!

If you are around the South Seattle, Renton or Tukwila area and are in need of any waxing, eyelash extensions or a facial, please see Christine at Lady Lam! Her prices are fair for the services she provides and she really makes you feel comfortable during your visit. Thank you again Christine!

These are before shots I took before heading to my appointment -

My lashes are relatively full but longer in the middle rather than on the ends. Maybe using that Ardell Brow & Lash Accelerator helped out?

And these are the aftershots! You can see that the emphasis is on my outer lashes for the "mascara look" without the mascara!

They look a bit off here because I had been playing with them all day. Bad! I know I shouldn't be touching them! But the good thing is you can comb thru and fix your lashes.


Blissey168 said...

They look awesome! How long do they last? And is it true that you can't wear mascara or sleep on your face?

lookrichbitch said...

holy crap! your lashes are crazy long! do you love it?

now stop spending money and get a job! hahahaha!

Rhondalei G. said...

Ms. B - So you can only wear water based mascara which I am still trying to find if there are any counter or drugstore brands. I honestly only need a lil mascara on my bottom lashes and I'm good! Oh and I'm a face sleeper and they are still good to go! I am going in for a fill in 4 weeks.

LRB - Shaddap! The service I received was gratis so neener neener! I loooove them!