Thursday, July 23, 2015

Generation Beauty 2015 - LA

Wow! I never posted this! It was chillin in my drafts. Smh!

Spent an awesome weekend with my college bestie Lyna in LA. We caught up, had beach time, went out to celebrate her birthday and attend Generation Beauty 2015 at LA Live. This was both our first time and I was hella excited to check it out. There were tons of people there and long lines, but most people were really friendly and understanding. I was surprised how generous the brands were with their giveaways and also the deals they had. I was glad I brought a check-in because I knew I would have quite a bit to bring back!

After an amazing meal at Bottega Louie, we had happy & full tummys, we were ready!

Love Crown Brushes! I picked up a few deals!

Awwhhh I finally got to see my mamas Gina!

Lashes done! I never wear full, glam lashes, so decided to go for it. Ardell had a few to choose from and applied them for you. 

Chella had brow makeovers that included a hydrating eye mask. It was HOT in LA Live, so this was a treat while waiting in line to get my brows shaped.

Day 1 done! That bag was full of stuff and heavy to carry. I was excited for what day 2 had in store!

Day 2 was more lines and I was sad I didn't get all the ones I missed from day 1. It was packed again and some brands even ran out of product. :/ Ahh well, I had fun running around with my friends and catching up while we were waiting in line.

The freebies - from the beauty experiences at the show and from the goodie bags from day 1 & 2. 

What I bought. The best brand with deals was LA Girl and I picked up 3 deals for only $10 each. 

Overall, this was an awesome experience and I will be back next year! There is another event happening in NYC this October. Tempting, but that's a pricey trip!

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