Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Kikkerland Hedgehog Dryer Buddies

I have heard of people putting tennis balls in the dryer to help fluff fabric up, like towels.  I found these cute little hedgehogs instead at World Market for $6.  

How cute are these guys?  I'm sad to report that the eyes do wear off and the noses fall off too.  So sad!  Noseless, eye less hedgehogs, but they still do their job.  Thanks guys!  

I still use Honest Co. dryer cloths every now and then, but for loads like my towels and athletic gear, I toss these guys in to help fluff and prevent static.  

These do get pretty loud in the dryer! I would suggest drying during the day time.  Overall, these work great and are a good deal.  I'm looking for other alternatives for washing and drying that are renewable, sustainable or recyclable. Any tips you can share?

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