Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Get CandLED Deluxe Flickering LED Tea Lights


I was given the opportunity to try out GetCandLED Deluxe Flickering LED Tea Light and was sent a whole box of 24!  I love candles, but know that they can be dangerous if you leave them unattended.  I light a scented candle every now and then when I need some aromatherapy, but I do miss having some mood lighting when I'm in bed watching Netflix.  LOL!

On/Off switch is on the bottom

This is the glow when lit
Takes this size battery CR2032 which I can find easily at Target/Fry's etc.
I didn't have many tealight holders & bought these simple clear glass ones from Target.
A nice soft glow and they do flicker which is pretty cool.
Even added one in the bathroom.
Not enough light from 1 for a candlelit bubblebath and would want to add a few more, but good in case of a brown out.
I LOVE owls! Picked up this cute holder from World Market a few months ago.
And added one near some other knicknacks on the other side of the mantel.
I tried one in my Seahawks Glassybaby.
But the glow was too yellow to distinguish the green/blue.
Overall, I love these tea lights so far!  I am hoping that since these are LED, they will last longer.  I picked up a couple more tea light holders that I put on my windowsill in my room and the 6 candles emit a nice glow around my room.  If you're looking for a safe alternative to candles, this is a great affordable option.  For about $20 USD, you get 24 candles and also a 1 year warranty if you are not satisfied.

Cost: $19.98 on Amazon and Prime is available

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