Friday, February 27, 2015

Nails Did: Nails By Catia - Pink Nude, Gold Bling & Negative Space

Another post about my nails!  My gal who did my nails. Catia, sent me the photos she took.  This was my first time getting the stiletto shaped nails.  They're a bit long, but I love them!  Thinking though for my fill, I will have her file these down to a more rounded, almond shape.  I had to have these a bit longer since she did have to apply tips before the gel.  You can kind of see my natural nail, which isn't that long.  My nails are thin and peel which makes it impossible to grow out, so when I do want length, I have to get them added.  No shame, because I'm not trying to front like these are natural.  LOL!

We did add 1 black rhinestone to the ring finger.  I liked the negative space look, but it needed just a little something extra.  The diamond glitter is so pretty and sparkly!  I did have some fall out, but that is expected with this type of glitter.  I might have to add some other glitter if it gets too sparse before my fill .  I'm still getting used to typing and I am so clickity clack on the keyboard!  

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