Monday, February 23, 2015

BakeItFun Baking Mat


I was excited to finally try a silicone baking mat.  Through Tomoson, I was given the chance to try one out from Bakeit Fun.  This non-stick silicone coated fiberglass mat is oven, microwave and frezer safe.  You can also clean this off in the dishwasher.  This half mat size, 11"x16.5" fits a 13"x18" pan. 

I wanted to try out a homemade cookie recipe and a pre-made recipe.  I did two batches one morning.  The homemade recipe was a sugar cookie and the other was a pre-made pack was one I picked up from Grocery Outlet. The Target OneSpot had this cute sugar set and it was only $3!  I also grabbed a cute double heart cookie cutter.  
The mat fit perfectly in a standard baking sheet.  The circles on the mat are for measuring circumference to detail, especially if you are making French macarons.  The numbered marks on each side are helpful for specific measurements.

First up to bake were these.  And let me say, these cookies are hella good.  I kept this to just two cookies after I baked.  Haha! 

What I really liked about this mat was the cookies just slid right off!  Some cookie recipes call for baking on an ungreased sheet, but then they're stuck.  There's so much waste when it comes to using foil and parchment paper.  With the Bakeit Fun mat, you bake and just wash and dry when you're done.  

The next batch were cute and fun Vday sugar cookies!  I think I made them too thick, but they turned out delicious.  No stuck cookies again, I was able to transfer the cookies to a cooling rack easily and these were perfect!

Another plus to the Bakeit Fun silicone baking mats is that they are BPA-Free.  I'm all about finding items that are safe!  

You can find this mat and other sizes on Amazon and Prime is available!


This product was obtained through Tomoson.  I have not been monetarily compensated for this item. My write up of this product reflects my own opinion after a trial period and have provided an honest review.

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