Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Unboxing: Beautylish Bold Lucky Bag

Unwrapping this made me so giddy!  LOL!  I was so stoked to see the variety of products that were included.  I was hoping it would actually be in a a reusable tote, maybe something to suggest for next year?  Also, a card noting the products included would be nice as well.  I checked online for each items price.

Lit Summer Sparkle Lit Kit - No longer offered on Beautylish, but $19 at Sephora 

I was the most giddy for the Wayne Goss brush since I have heard so much about them and they are pricey!  Overall, very pleased with this Lucky Bag and the total worth is $176.  Beautylish offers these once a year and I will definitely be checking next year for these.  :D

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