Friday, January 23, 2015

Gurin Professional Hydroflosser

My Sister recently picked up a water flosser due to some dental work she had done.  I also saw one in my GF's bathroom when I went to visit her and was interested in finding an affordable option to try.  I think this is the one she had!  What a great deal too at $39.99 from Groupon.

Comes with 2 tips, the base & tank, charger and instructions.  Its pretty straight forward how to use, but be careful, you might get wet the first time you use it!  LOL!

Cost: $39.99+tax from Groupon (looks like this is no longer available)

-Interchangeable tips so there can be multiple users

-Tips can only be ordered online (found them on Amazon)
-Takes awhile to charge
-Tank is not that big. Maybe its me, but I end up using 1 tank on top and 1 on the bottom

Would I recommend this to a friend? On the fence.  Its a good intro product, but I don't foresee this lasting a long while.  Good enough for now and it was a decent price!  Its kind of fun seeing what kind of stuff is removed while using.  I follow up with brushing after and it feels really clean.  Maybe I'm used to the abrasiveness of some floss to really feel super clean, but experience is different.  I do like the massage to the gums since I have some periodontal issues.

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