Sunday, December 21, 2014

Last Minute Stocking Stuffer Idea - The Body Shop Seasonal Hand Cream Trio

Looking for cute stocking stuffer or even an add on to a present?  The Body Shop's Season Hand Cream Trio is a great purchase at $16 for 3 wonderfully scented hand creams.  You could even piece out the set for separate gifts.  

Scents included in this trio are:

-1.0 oz Frosted Cranberry
-1.0 oz Glazed Apple
-1.0 oz Vanilla Brulee

My favorite out of the 3 is the Glazed Apple which I specifically bought this set for, but the other 2 scents are also nice.  Frosted Cranberry has always been a home scent for me during the holidays and I used to burn the oil to fragrance the home.  I tossed this one in my purse.  Vanilla Brulee has a subtle cake batter smell to it, light and not too sugary sweet.  I have this one in my car.  I saved the Glazed Apple to use after I'm done with Frosted Cranberry.  Saved the best for last!

Cost: $16 @ The Body Shop

Looks like this specific set is sold out online, but you could check in store.  Two other options would be Nutty Hand Cream Trio or the Fruity Hand Cream Trio, both of which are in stock online.

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