Friday, November 7, 2014

Unboxing: Memebox #57 All About Brows

Finally!  It has arrived all the way from Korea!

Memebox's #57 All About Brows box curated with not only brow make-up, but tools to get your brows in great shape.

What I got:

 Secret Kiss Choco Smudge Eyebrow in Milk Chocolate, Shara Shara I Wanna Eyebrow Cake, Happy Tool Lady's Eyebrow Razor  
 I like the Choco Smudge to set my brows.  Have not tried the Eyebrow Cake yet and the Eyebrow Razor is a dangerous tool to have around me.  The first time I saw an eyebrow razor was in college and I thought it was so cool.  My friends didn't introduce me to it personally since they knew I had a plucking problem.  :(  It was for the better actually.  LOL!

Style Y Natural Sketch Eyebrow Pencil and Powder in Light Brown,  Style Y Natural Sketch Eyebrow Simple Tattoo and Etude House Ribbon Brow Scissors
 Haven't tested or swatched the 2 Style Y products yet.  The scissors will come in handy to trip the top of the inner brow and the long ends of outer brow.  The pointy tip is scary though and I can see myself accidentally poking my face.

Cost: $19.00

-Great selection of items to try
-All items are full sized

-Color of products is varying.  Can be a good or bad thing
-Tweezers would have been a great addition!

Overall:  I'm pleased with this purchase and Memebox in general.  There are so many good collections they have to offer, there usually is 1 or 2 spoilers that they reveal on the website so you can see what kind of products you might get.  Also, there are some unboxing videos on the site andyou can search on for posts or videos

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