Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Suede. Crimson. D'orsay

Makes even polka dot pajama bottoms look tres chic!  My new go-to fall dress up shoe.  I live in boots in the fall and winter.  Like literally everyday its a pair of black boots.  This will be a nice change!

My first order from Sole Society.  There are some items at Nordstrom, but this particular style is only offered on their site.  Its nice to find quality leather shoes at a good price.  As much as I love microtrends, I would rather not get sub-par quality.  The details of the shoe are superb with crimson suede that is soft & buttery and the liner provides enough grip in the shoe to keep from slipping off.  I opted for a lower heel since I'm mostly in flats or very low heeled boots.  I can't last all day in 3"+ heels and the 2.5" heel is comfortable.  

Do you have any Sole Society shoes? 

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