Friday, October 17, 2014

Removing Dark Nail Polish Stains

Smurf fingers after I removed Sinful Colors Why Not as featured in this post. I managed to get most of it off with just acetone, but there was still a tinge of blue left on my nail bed and skin.  While I did end up using a dark color after Why Not, I did give my nails some breathing time and didn't want to rock stained nails.

Love when I can find already tried methods!  Artifactgirl had a great post on Remove Dark Nail Polish Stains using toothpaste.  I opted to just do this in the sink and also scrubbed with a bit of body wash to remove the minty toothpaste.  

Still some traces of blue, but much improved!  I would have probably continued to scrub with acetone which isn't great for your nails.  The least amount of time exposed to chemicals, the better.  Cheap and easy enough for me!

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