Friday, September 26, 2014

Lemming: Memebox All About Brows + Coupon Codes

Nakey face day - my usual at work, no meetings look. Ha!

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Brows. They're there, but sort of not. I over plucked them my junior year of undergrad and they just haven't been the same since. Sad! :( "Ella, you have no more eybs! Stop plucking!" My friend told me that the first day back at UW.  Too late, the damage had already been done. Over the past few years, I've been using MAC shadow and Brow Shader, Anastasia Brow Powder and have been trying to master the Smartbrow from my First Dermstore Order.  I always go back to filling in with powder since its easier, doesn't require a lot of prep and I think I have it down.  :)

But I am lemming this!  Memebox #57 All About Brows.

Image from Memebox website.

From the website:

Let's face it.  Not everyone is born with a pair of perfect arches!

But, no worries because we'll take your botched brows to rehab with this expert approved All About Brows Box!  Packed with all the K-Style eyebrow essentials, this box will give you everything to recreate the signature Korean look with full, youthful brows!

How did they know?!  So far, I am under my beauty allowance this month!

Check out Memebox for this box and a lot of other collections to covet.


Coupon codes to use!

$5.00 Discount off purchase
Coupon Code: 2008

$10.00 Discount from 7/31/14-9/29/14 for orders above $150
Coupon Code: AFFILIATE-0954-4LX5K-PRDN

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