Saturday, September 27, 2014

Blue Apron Review - Week 1

Beauty is inside and out and we have all heard what you nourish your body with, is reflected in outer appearance and also in attitude.  I have long struggled with my weight and my eating habits.  I get on one kick and do great, but then revert back to what tastes good to me, which is often times junk food.  Some gal pals of mine talked about Blue Apron during our last brunch and I was interested in trying it out for myself. One of my friends sent me 3 free meals to start off!  For about $9.99 per person/meal, Blue Apron sends you all the ingredients and the recipe to create your meal.  Based on your dietary profile, "We currently create 5 menus to best suit a variety of tastes, such as vegetarian, pescetarian, and people who love meat and fish. We can also accommodate some dietary restrictions such as no shellfish, no red meat, no pork, and no fish." I no longer eat pork and my partner is a pescetarian, so this works out great.  If we do get a meat dish, she can buy a meat substitute or add more veggies.

I have a busy schedule and am tired at the end of the day to even think about cooking a meal.  I go out to eat A LOT and it adds up.  I can justify the expense for food, but it is an expensive habit that needs to be curbed.

Big box!
Inside the box lid are tips including a link to show you how to recycle the packagingl
Introduction letter to what you have this week
Recipe cards for what you will be making.  I think I need to get a binder going for these!
All your ingredients for your meals packed neatly in an insulated box with ice packs.

Week 1 Menu:

Week 1 Menu cooked by us:

I made this for a late, late dinner.  I shouldn't have added all the red pepper flakes!  It was super spicy (for me), but so good!

This was my least favorite out of the 3 because it tasted like it was missing something. Maybe a little more heat?  Should have used some of the red pepper flakes here!

THE FAVORITE!  The chicken was so good and the mixed veggies were perfect, but the BEST part were the candied pistachios!

So far, so good!  I love the fresh ingredients and how easy it is to create a delicious and healthy meal. I will definitely be using Blue Apron on a weekly basis when I can and will feature what I made on the blog.

Do you use Blue Apron?  What have you cooked that you enjoyed and possibly made again?

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