Thursday, May 22, 2014

Making a come back!

Lost my domain - boo :(
But I want to return to beauty blogging - yay!
I also have a personal tumblr if you're interested in more randoms from me

I'm still such a newb when it comes to my page and it took me forever to figure out that I could revert back to blogger.  Doy!  While I haven't been doing much with make up lately, I do have my fun primping moments.  I am interested in finding affordable, safe and more natural products.  Although, I do get pulled in to the flashy advertising of new products at times.  Consumerist.  Instead of trying to keep up with the new-new, I want to focus on what works for me and what are my current faves.  :)  Let me know what's up with y'all since I've been out of the loop for awhile!

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