Monday, January 23, 2012

Aaina Beauty Salon- Threading

I finally tried threading my eyebrows! After talking about it over the weekend with some gfs, my girl recommended Aaina in Kent, I decided to stop by on the way home. The salon itself is a decent size with 3 chairs for threading. I didn't get a chance to see the rest of the salon, but there are probably private rooms for waxing, facials and other services. There is a sign up sheet when you first walk in and it was a little bit before I was seen. Based off the Yelp reviews, it can get fairly busy. I didn't catch the name of the gal that was working on me, but she was nice and asked me what I wanted done. I told her just my brows. What I should have specified is how thick I wanted them to be. I told her I shape and clean them up. She quickly went to work by first trimming the edges before threading. This is much painless than waxing, but it isn't ask quick. I did have to hold my lid taut by placing obe hand on my forehead and the other on part of my lid. I was done in about 10 minutes. They were a little on the thin side, but I liked how clean they looked and there was no redness or irritation. What did cause some reaction was the gel she applied after - I have sensitive skin and can react to scented items. Will I go back? Yes! Like I said, I'll be more specific about how thick I want my brows. Thin brows on a round face can make it look even more round. I prefer to have a more prominent brow to compliment my face.

-No hot wax that can irritate
-Very clean removal
-Fairly quick

-Near where I live

-Can hurt when the thread runs over your skin repeatedly

-Can get busy; be prepared to wait
-A bit if a drive for my Seattle folks (Located in Kent)

$5 Yup! Cheap!

Would I recommend to a friend?
Yes! I'll go back in a month or 2 when I have more growth and take one of my good friends.

Do you thread? What do you like versus waxing or tweezing? I'm envious of gals with the perfect brows!

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