Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Long hair...wait a sec.



I haven't had my hair short since college.  And even then, it wasn't THIS short.  :)  I donated a little over 10" to Locks of Love.  7 Salon offers free Locks of Love haircuts Mondays-Wednesdays.  This includes shampoo, cut, style and they will send your donation in.  Cat did a wonderful job on my hair and I couldn't be more pleased.  She was nervous about me taking so much length off!  She said that this was the most drastic cut she has performed.  Haha!  All for a good cause and I feel so liberated with the new do.  :)

I will say, that even with short hair, I still shed like crazy.  I thought it would subside, but nope!  Well, at least the hair is easier to clean up.  I hella dislike the long strands all over the carpet and bathroom floor.  I would get grossed out, even with MY OWN HAIR!  LOL!

With new hair, comes new hair responsibilities.  I no longer have wash & go hair, but it does not take too much time to style.  Maybe 15 minutes max.  I have to blow dry my hair and the lovely cowlicks down and also use a styling cream.  As recommended by a friend, I picked up Paul Mitchell's Tea Tree Shaping Cream.  Love the smell and the hold!  Holds my hair in place, yet still pliable.

(Image from

  • Flexible hold
  • Amazing smell - so clean & fresh
  • Does not create visible build up like some gels & mousse do

  • Feel the product when I run my fingers through my hair (that's a given & I think its just my OCD tendencies!)
Would I recommend this product?
  • YES!!
$19.50 at Beauty Works

Just wanted to give an update on the BIG change in my life.  Haha!  I still yet have to do a life update and fill you all in on my trip to the Philippines.  :)  Life is good and I am finding my focus.  More to come soon!  xoxox

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Tammy said...

I love the new hair!! It really suits you.