Thursday, March 10, 2011

OPI Axxium vs CND Shellac

Finally made the decision to take off my acrylics and go for natural manicures again. One of the downfall of not having overlay, is that my natural nails are thin and weak. Prone to peeling and rips, not fun overall. Enter the gel polish manicure. While I still need to be somewhat mindful of what I'm doing with my fingernails, I have some added strength and resiliency as my natural nail bed grows back to normal. Currently, still thin, but halfway there and only about 3 more months until the rough appearance is completely gone.

CND's Shellac in Iced Cappucino

Not the best choice in color for the state that my nails were in. Since this was a pearl finish, it showed every divot and uneven nick in my nailbed.

OPI Axxium in Black Cherry Chutney

This was my second time around with Axxium. My first go round was very light with Bubblebath and DS Radiance. You couldn't really see any color, hence no photo.

The great thing about gel polish is that the finish really stays perfect. You can go about what you need to do right after your manicure without having to worry about getting impressions or nicking the finish. Some say their nails remain perfect for 2 weeks. In my experience, it can "last" for 2 weeks, but I do notice some wear around the new growth and the edges can lift.

Overall, I love having a gel polish manicure. I really make use of my hands when cooking and cleaning - what are rubber gloves? Only when handling harsh chemicals of course, but I love washing dishes w/o gloves. My recommendation would be to get an OPI Axxium manicure. Axxium went on thinner and smoother and seemed to do well with my nails. Shellac was a bit thick and I noticed more lifting on the edge of my nails than Axxium. I am thinking of investing in my own Axxium products to do at-home mani & pedis.

-Long lasting, shiny manicure
-Dry time is only when being cured under UV lamp
-Adds strength to your natural nails
-Can be used with both natural and enhanced nails
-Shellac: bottle brush application
-Axxium: extensive color collection

-Pricier than regular manicure ($25 was average cost)
-Can lift and peel
-Removal process can be long
-Shellac: limited color selection, seemed a bit thicker in application
-Axxium: gel pot application can be messy, colors may not seem as rich with just 2 coats & a 3rd coat may be too thick


sophie said...

ooh the black looks so nice and shiny~ and minimal makeup is good for your skin hon (: congrats on moving back home too, i wish my mommy was in the states to cook for me sigh

Rhondalei G. said...

@sophie thanks hun! :) Glad to see you posting again too!

Opi Axxium said...

Thank you for your case study. I agree with Sophie that black looks nice ans shiny.