Tuesday, September 14, 2010

get fresh SPA Lemongrass Dry Oil Body Spray

Received this bottle of get fresh SPA Lemongrass Dry Oil Body Spray from my director C along with some other goodies for my bday. I love dry oil body sprays, especially in the summer because they make your skin soft & glowy without loading on heavy lotion. My fave dry oil spray is discontinued and I have been using my reserves sparingly. This has a light citrus scent that smells a little reminiscent of Pledge at first, but smells like faint lemons when it dries. I'll probably save this for spring & summer use because I need heavier creams in the fall & winter when my skin is drier. If you like light moisture, this would be great. A bit on the steep side in price, so if you can sample it before buying, do it to see if you like it.

Price: $22.50
Where To Buy: www.getfresh.net & some salons/spas carry the line (Prosports Club in WA)

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