Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hello Summer

And hello Dolly! Back to the super bright, creamy neon pink polish on my toes. I also brought back the frenchies on my tips with acrylics. I wanted a no fuss mani. My nails are peely and chip quick. So much for the all natural mani. It's summer and I really like this look for my tips. Any of you have a specific look you like during certain seasons?

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Kate Gene said...

I absolutely love this combination. I wore acrylics for years; you can't go wrong with a french manicure!

I recently used the Kiss Everlasting Nails, and was blown away by how good they looked! I'm going to save those for special occasions only; they're kind of a pain to remove.

You should check out Essie Van D'Go and Sinful Colors's Beautiful Girl. Both are so pretty!