Thursday, January 28, 2010

American Apparel's Response - Really?!

Sent: Thu 1/28/10 12:25 AM
Hi Rhondalei, The issue is not with the nail polish per say but the glassware. It’s apparently prone to breaks and cracks. If you take it into a store we will offer an exchange of two new bottles or a $10 gift card for anyone who brings in a unit from the original run or a receipt. If you need more info I’m sure the retail store can provide you with more on your visit. Thank you

Sarah Tompkins

Really, that is their answer I get back? Most GLASS is prone to breaks and cracks. I'm still not satisfied with this answer since it does not clear up my question of why there was no info on their website regarding this pull and I did talk to someone in a retail store & they offered the explanation stated in my previous email. And who responds back at 12:25 AM??


Kate Gene said...

Hmm... I don't know where to start. Ha ha ha!

Um, yes, glass can break and crack, but usually only after it's been dropped or smashed into. Spontaneous combustion doesn't count as normal wear and tear. And really, have you ever had a nail polish container break wide open? I haven't and our cat has knocked plenty of them on the floor. LOL!

Note to self: Don't buy AA polish!

Vanessa M. said...

losers! warn her

Sharlene Kay said...

hi gorgeouss!

thats a funny response from AA especially from such a well known and respected retail chain. Just for the record, most glass in not prone to cracks and glass is! lol It sounds like a cover up; shame on them!

<33 Sharlene

Rhondalei G. said...

Such a crap response back ya know? Its good to read other blogger's entries regarding the issue. I am still a fan of the polish, but hope they do better PR next time there is an issue.

Lonewolf Community said...

Glass does shrink and react to different weather and climate changes. Maybe you brought the polish along with you on a trip and brought it back to find he break/crack. Glass also reActs to different temperature applications as well.

Food for thought I guess. I've always had great experiences with AA Customer Service.