Sunday, January 31, 2010

Affordable Brazilian Waxes?

In need of an affordable Brazilian wax around the Seattle area? I google'd exactly that plus Seattle, WA and several reviews were at a place in the University District called Sally's Nails. The reviews noted that a Brazilian cost only $20! I was definitely up for that because I've been bob'n and couldn't afford my usual spots. They are about $75 so if I can save $50+, then I'm all for it! Now, most of these smaller shops have questionable hygenic practices but I have been lucky *knock on wood*, to not have anything happen to me. When I got there, I remembered that I did come
here a few times to get my nails done while I was still in undergrad. The waxing room is small and "tidy" and the entire waxing was done in less than 10 minutes. She also did a better job than the other places I usually go to! She got all the hair off! I also got a mani & pedi for $30 which was good and cheap too! Including tip, I paid $60. Not even the price I would pay for one waxing!

Sally's Nails
4219 University Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105

Cost: $20 Brazilian wax; $30 Mani & Pedi Combo

Would I recommend this place to a friend? Yes & no. Yes if you're bob'n and need a cheap waxing. No if you're very picky about cleanliness and no on the mani/pedi. I still have my fave place to go but if you're in the area and need a quick polish, stop in.

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