Friday, October 2, 2009

Nordy's MAC Haul - Style Black

I finally got my grubby lil mitts on some products from MAC's Style Black collection. I was mainly interested in the lippies since there were Dazzleglasses and Mattene Lipsticks in deep, dark shades that are perfect for Fall! I wanted to pick up the Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask as well since that peaked my interest and it is limited edition!
Here is my haul from Nordstrom. Blackfire Dazzleglass, Night Violet Mattene Lipstick, Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask and Paradisco Eyeshadow. I know the Paradisco isn't part of the Style Black collection but do you remember this post about MAC Naked Honey & my issue with Pollenator? I really didn't want to keep a product that you couldn't see on my skin and wasn't worth keeping so I traded in for what I meant to get in the first place!

Here are swatches of the product: Paradisco swiped on top, Blackfire, Night Violet and the Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask. I still yet have to try the mask out, possibly next week? I really like how light the scent is, but there will be no photos of me with black mask on my face...or will there be? Haha!

From the MAC website:
Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask $19.50-
Formulated with Volcanic Ash and natural oils, this ash-black facial mask simultaneously deep-cleanses and treats the skin. When water is added, the mask heats up and the oils instantly lubricate the skin, leaving it feeling soft and clean. Helps keep skin moist, clean, soft, and evenly-textured. Limited edition.

Here is Blackfire on it's own. I love Dazzleglasses and I was happy to see that they brought some darker shades in this gloss! I opted to not get Blackware or Bling Black since I already have my black YSL gloss that I picked up last Holiday from Sephora. $18.00

Here is Night Violet alone. I lined with Urban Decay's 24/7 Lipliner in Ozone since I thought I had MAC's Vino in my collection, but I can't find it. :\ Guess I'll have to go pick that up since it is a perfect match! Matte lipsticks are sometimes not very flattering. I have a lot of little lines in my lips and don't like the look of lipstick without gloss. Scrub your lips first and apply a healthy dose of balm, then blot before you apply this lipstick. $14.50

Blackfire and Night Violet together. Such the perfect combo for a sultry, deep berry pout. LOVES IT! But I'm sure who I'll be smooching won't like it. Oh well, deal with it! ;)


Vanessa M. said...

ooo girl! you can make any lippie look good ;)
*luck you go the mask!*

Blissey168 said...

I wanted Bling Black but they're all sold out.... I might try this other mall across town.

Tammy said...

I really love the last lippie look!! So pretty on you.

Rhondalei G. said...

Vanessa - Thanks hunnie! I'm going to try out the mask today. I need it!

Ms. B - Did you find Bling Black? that you want it, maybe I should pick it up too? Hahah!

Tammy - Thanks girly! I like the look of my smoocher with gloss always!