Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lemming: Mink Lashes!

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After receiving my Coastal Scents Newsletter on Monday, I really want a pair of these lashes! They really do look gorge and fab! Hmmm...$30 for a pair of lashes? I would really have to be choosy about when I wear these. Not just any old night out where I end up falling asleep with them on and they become ruined. Oh woe is me! I recently found 15 pairs of NEW lashes in one of my drawers and I told myself NO NEW LASHES, but these look so fun and I really want a pair! Someone give me a good reason why I should get these please!

1 comment:

Blissey168 said...

Because they are so FAB! :) It's Mink, hello.... hehe
But I know what you mean tho, I have so many pairs of lashes stashed in my drawers too -_-