Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday FOTD - Nice & Easy

No, not referring to Clairol, but to my make up for today. My kit has pretty much stayed the same, but wait until you see the upgraded bag. That will be the next post. ;) I have been keeping my face pretty bare lately and only do it up when I head out. I picked up a few new goodies last week and will hopefully have some other FOTD/EOTDs to share!

L'oreal Bare Naturale Gentle Mineral Concealer in Light under & around the eye area
Garden Botanika Natural Balance Powder Foundation in Caramel
Stila cheek color from the Blanc palette

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
Stila Blanc palette -
-Sand eyeshadow all over lid
-Gold eyeshadow in the crease
-Olive eyeshadow in the outer-v/contour
3x coats Maybelline Define-A-Lash Volume Mascara *hearts!*

Hello Kitty for MAC Lipglass in Mimmy *heart hearts!*

Hello Friday! Where is the sun though? That would make today even better! Sporting a sunny colored sweater to make up for the lack of rays.

Eye open & loving the results from this mascara! I guess I'll do a mini-review right now. I picked this mascara up at Targhey for $6 awhile back. I like the original Define-A-Lash and consider that one of my HG mascaras. Well, move on over because this one volumizes! I like the how the wand separates and still distributes the mascara over your lashes to add some oomph! This is definitely a repurchase for when I'm feelin' too poo to buy the good ish. Ehh, just shows that you can buy cheap and get great results and some of you already know that I am a firm believer in using both cheap and steep products. Use what you love!

And with the eye closed. The flash washes out the color here and I really couldn't capture the beautiful gold and olive shadow with the horrible lighting here. Check out those lashes though!

A little better without the flash, but its quite dim.

*swack!* My cousin in Maui said I have chocho lips. Haha! I like having kissable lips. ;)

And without the flash. Once again I couldn't capture the true beauty in this color. Its a gorgeous shade of pink with flecks of pink and of course its LIMITED EDITION. *sigh* Well, knowing MAC, I'm sure they will repromote this color at another time. I should have bought more, but I already went over my limit when HK for MAC came out. Just a tidbit Mimmy is Hello Kitty's Sissy. Haha! Ok, random fact for those of you that aren't obsessed with HK like I am. Ridiculous.

On a side note, I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Never take anything in your life for granted. Do what you love and don't be afraid to try new things. There are 2 things that I think you can never have too much of in this world - Love and Knowledge. One.

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