Sunday, December 7, 2008

Recap: Facial with Lady Lam

Last Friday @ 5:30 PM, I had a facial scheduled with Christine of Lady Lam. I was so happy that she could accomodate me later in the afternoon! I actually got done with my meeting at work early, but I took the time I had in the empty conference room to get some work done before heading home. I even got a quick cat nap in before my facial when I got home! ;)

From Lady Lam's website -
Christine's facials are customized to meet the specific needs of each client. The treatment begins with a skin analysis and discussion about your concerns. Then experience thorough cleansing, exfoliation, luxurious massage of the neck, shoulders and scalp, extractions as necessary and resume your relaxation under a soothing mask.

Christine starts off asking about your skin and the products you use. I mentioned that I have been stressed out lately and have had a few breakouts and that I'm a picker. Yes, terrible, terrible habit. I pick and poke and squeeze at my face. :( I am trying to be better! She then let's you know what she's going to do and even asks if you're ok with scalp massage. Of course I love it! The hour long pampering started off with exfoliation, leading to cleansing and toning and a mask. She also did a few extractions as well. Uggh, clogged pores! When she states a luxurious massage of neck, shoulders and scalp, she wasn't kidding! I managed to nod off and probably snored for a minute. :p I was left feeling refreshed and relaxed! I already scheduled another facial for next month, right before my mentor leaves on maternity and hands over all the project manager duties to me. Yipes! I will really need a moment of pampering then! :)

What I didn't know about Christine is that she makes her own cold press soaps! I believe I saw these last time I visited her, but I asked her about them this time around. I picked up the Spa scent of her Saponika soaps which is grapefruit and lavender. I can't wait to try this! For $3.95 you receive a generously sized bar that comes in a number of scents.

As mentioned last week, her $99 Eyelash Extension has been extended through December! Appointments are filling up fast, so be sure to give Lady Lam a call today and tell her that Rhondalei sent you! :)

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Blissey168 said...

Ooh that sounds so relaxing! I'm actually getting some spa time today too...along with a facial! A 3 hr 10 minute of bliss goes for 70 bucks only! You should come visit me! Hehe