Saturday, January 31, 2009

NARS SUPER O r g a s m

Finally back at it, but let me catch up on all the things that have been placed on HOLD during my hiatus. Funny how life changes and how much I have changed in the past month. Well, let's get started on the delayed posts...

I bought NARS' Super Orgasm back in December. You ladies remember that red pouch from the holiday shipments? I have quite a few of those!

Hmmm...SUPER orgasm eh? Is that possible?

Let's start off first with what I like. I love how pigmented this is! I actually don't own the original Orgasm because Deep Throat was more to my liking, but I just HAD to have this!

Now the drawback...the huge flecks of glitter! My Kandy Kid days are over and I hardly wear glitter. A little dab here and there, but this is pretty big pieces of glitter! Well, to help with the dose of glitter, I put this on with a mixed fiber brush similar to MAC's 187, the skunk brush. I pick up just a bit of color and then tap the handle to drop the excess glitter

And this swatch shows why I love it! The pretty pink-peach! NARS blushes are $25 each and I would definitely recommend getting this color. Hmm...can they just make the Super Orgasm w/o the glitter??


Blissey168 said...

I love this blush as well! I just make sure to tap the glitter off before I apply :) but then again, it doesn't really bother me :p

Vanessa M. said...

very pretty!!!! happy vday!!