Monday, September 15, 2008

Mario Badescu Skin Care Trial - Day 1

I am constantly on the quest for great skin care that is #1 anti-aging/prevents wrinkles and #2 is gentle on my sensitive skin. I tend to react to products due to my eczema, especially new ones, but on some occasions I will break out into a rash to products I have already been using! Its frustrating and not to mention expensive because I will usually toss out whatever my face can't handle if I can't find someone that could utilize it. I have read on a few other beauty blogs that Mario Badescu will send generous samples of skin care products catered to your skin type after completing a questionnaire. I'm all about free and this was a great way to try Mario Badescu products! Head over the and fill out the questionnaire today! You will receive your products in about a month. I actually received my samples some time ago, but only got around to trying them today. I wanted to give these products a full week's trial to decide if I want/needed anything.

My skin type is combination/oily in the t-zone / sensitive. I was sent the following: Enzyme Cleansing Gel, Special Cucumber Lotion, Hyaluronic Eye Cream, Cucumber Tonic Mask, Collagen Moisturizer (SPF 15), Seaweed Night Cream, Drying Cream and Strawberry Face Scrub. They also include a Product Guide and a personalized product application guide.
Routine Day 1
Cleansed with Enzyme Cleansing Gel
Applied Special Cucumber Lotion
Dabbed Hyaluronic Eye Cream around eyes
Applied Collagen Moisturizer to face and neck
Cleansed with Enzyme Cleansing Gel
Exfoliated with Strawberry Face Scrub
Used Cucumber Tonic Mask
Applied Special Cucumber Lotion
Dabbed Hyaluronic Eye Cream around eyes
Applied Seaweed Night Cream
My skin felt squeaky clean after cleansing and toning. The moisturizer seemed a bit heavy on my skin, but maybe that was because I applied too much. I will have to apply it more sparingly tomorrow. I did notice throughout the day that my skin did get a bit bumpy and itchy. I will have to do a swatch test overnight tonight with all the products to see which one is making my skin react. :\ I have noticed that I do react more to all natural skin care. My skin fares better with chemicals I guess. Bah! I really like the Strawberry Face Scrub so far! But I don't know if I'm willing to fork over $15 for 4 oz of scrub! The Cucumber Tonic Mask left my skin feeling refreshed and the Seaweed Night Cream feels very moisturizing and softening. So far so good, but I'm kind of disappointed that my skin is already reacting to something!
**09-16-08 12:24 AM - I am convinced that I am allergic to the moisturizer. :( I didn't wash the front or back of my neck before doing the evening routine and have now broken out in a rash. I should have done a swatch test before hand! Arrgghh!

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