Tuesday, September 2, 2008

FOTD - Simple Copper

I did this FOTD awhile back. Please pardon the ungroomed brows. Haha! I have been wanting some more copper hued eyeshadows and ordered Pure Luxe's Pigment in Trust for me and my girl Ms. B. I wanted to see what would work with my skintone in hopes of avoiding eyelids that looked like what I had during allergy season. >.<

Products used-

Silk Natural's Date Bait Finishing Powder

MAC Pigment in Provence all over lid
Pure Luxe Pigment in Trust in the crease
Almay Bright Eyes Eyeliner in Mocha/Cream
L'oreal Telescopic Clean Definition Mascara in Black
MAC Browshader in Maple/Charcoal

NYX Round Lipgloss in Golden Prune

What's cool about this liner is that it has one side that is a Mocha and the other side is a Cream highlighter that brightens your eyes. You line your upper lid with Mocha and take the Cream liner along your lower lid and along the inner corner of your eye for a brightening effect. I didn't notice a big change, but there is a slight difference.

NYX Golden Prune is a bit more fuchsia/raspberry than what I had thought it was going to be. When you think Golden Prune, don't you think it would be more of a purple shade with golden shimmer? Well, that's what I thought. Oh well, it is still a pretty color!

Acckk...unkept brows I know. Here is a close up of the eye. Very subtle and well blended!


Blissey168 said...

Dude, you have FLAWLESS skin!!! So jealous! ;)
I saw some ads for Almay bright eyes products and was wondering if they really work... Hmm... Did you happen to buy the jumbo double-ended pencil from the bright eyes line as well? I'd love to know if they're any good :)

Rhondalei G. said...

Hi Ms. B! I haven't tried the large double-ended liners...yet! Hmmm...this may come your way! I will try and stop by a drugstore to see if they have them and test them out. ;)