Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Belated Birthday Haul from Sephora

I forgot to mention some last minute birthday goodies that I picked up at Sephora. I wanted to get my birthday bubbles first and foremost! I haven't tried these yet because #1 I don't have time to take a bubble bath & #2 I need to find a worthy enough tub to sit in. Some of you know why. LoL! I needed another NARS Turkish Delight because the one I had began to get a funky smell. As if it doesn't have a weird enough scent as it is - its not bad, but I loooove the way my MAC lippies smell! I also picked up NARS Orgasm lipgloss because, well, just because. I know my girl Casey loves this color and I like it on but just never felt compelled to buy it. Since I had 100 points in my beauty bank, I redeemed them for a sample of Make Up Forever's Aqua Eyes eyeliner. My girl Joanie who is a MUA there told me to get that out of the assortment of samples they had.

Swatches of the lipglosses and the liner. Turkish Delight can be a strange color on some people, myself included. It can be the perfect pale lip to compliment a smokey eye, but it can sometimes just look like cream sitting on your lips. Acck! I also pair this up with MAC Spice lip liner if I don't want to use it on its own. Orgasm on the other hand is a beauty on its own! The past few times going out, I have kept this in my purse/bum bag and reapply it all night long! Not sure if I will repurchase more of this after I'm done, but it is a nice addition to my ever growing collection!

The liner sample is a generous size in a basic black. I don't have much luck when it comes to tightlining and my liner ends up either smudged or just disappears because on constant blinking. I wouldn't say this is budge proof on me, but it does hold up pretty well. I don't think I will be purchasing a full size of this liner because I am happy with the wear of my MAC Technakohl liner.

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