Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Hello hello!

So I have decided to start a new blog with a domain! My other beauty posts will remain where they were - I'm looking into furthering my knowledge with make up and possibly start freelancing on the side. I'm on a break from work & decided that now is the time to get this going. Do it now to save time for later. I hope to start an online store as well to sell some excess beauty items as well. Stay tuned!

xoxox Rhondalei


(g)ezebel said...

girrrl, i now have 3 links to you. *giggles* should i keep all 3?

good luck with the freelancing! you're gonna be fantastic, i'm sure. please be sure to post your models; i'd love to see your work.

lookrichbitch said...

Hey gorgeous! So glad you're doing this! Your makeup is always flawless. Teach me!